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Nestled in the Colombo, The Lip Lounge is the inner city mall’s newest addition, and owner Hannah’s passion for her new gig could not have shone any brighter from the second she welcomed me into The Lip Lounge possie. Their gorgeous, bespoke approach creates a makeup experience like no other, as you create the perfect hue for your pout.


How did The Lip Lounge come about?

I came up with the idea when I got fed up with trying to find a lipstick that suited me and my skin tone and there only being a small selection to choose from. I always thought it would be so cool to be able to create your own lipstick like they did back in the day. Then I heard about a place in New York that allows people to come and create their own and worked out it's possible, Christchurch deserves it and it is a unique and interactive experience. I did a little research and it just took off from there!


Tell us about the process of creating your own lippy?

You can come and see us at The Colombo and our wonderful staff will help you decide on a colour. You can bring in a photo or just have an idea in your head and we can start creating the colour by mixing from a range of 21 pigments. We can also add frost which will give your lipstick a shimmer or even glitter! Once you have decided on the colour you can choose your base. We have a choice of matte (long lasting matte finish look with a matte to creamy feel), cream (Creamy look and feel), butter (sheer) and natural (vegan friendly). We can then add a scent, flavour and additive if you would like. We have a wide selection such as sunscreen, anti-aging formula, vanilla, creme brûlée, chocolate and so much more! Once that is all mixed in, we then melt it, mix it and pour it into a stainless steel mold to get the shape of the lipstick. We have two different molds to choose from also. We then carefully insert the tube of which you have three options of them to choose from and done. You can watch the whole process happen in front of you and take it home straight after. You can name your lipstick to truly make it a bespoke piece and we will keep your ID card on record with us. The ID card is kept so if you want to recreate it, we can pull out your details and make the same colour again.


What would be your biggest piece of advice for someone going out on their own?

My biggest piece of advice would probably be to accept help. Because this is my baby, I wanted everything done perfectly and would stress myself out trying to do it all. My partner got so frustrated at times because I wouldn't accept his help. Eventually I started to let people help and if I didn't, I would have burnt myself out and made more mistakes! My best friend Katie and partner Jamie helped out so much and it wouldn't have been possible to do this without them and all my friends and family that have helped.


What school did you go to?

I went to school in Nelson and went to Waimea College. I loved the first three years and loved sports and all the social events. The last two years of college, I was pretty much over it and and just wanted to go and work! Looking back now, I probably should have appreciated the difference between how many years school goes for compared to how many years I'm going to be working!


Favourite Canterbury Hotspot? What do you like to do in your spare time?

My favourite spot in Canterbury is probably Hagley Park. I love going for runs around the gorgeous park and basically just meeting all the dogs there. I have to say, going to Ruapuna Speedway is something I enjoy doing. My brother Jeremy and partner Jamie both race at the dirt track and watching them is a bit of an adrenaline rush. They're both extremely good at what they do and I love seeing them in their element. My friend and I take Ice Skating lessons which is a bit different to what most people do but I love it also!


What’s on the cards for The Lip Lounge in the near future?

There are so many things we can do with this! We are really keen on doing hens parties and large group parties so we will be looking into working with catering companies and others to help organise those! We are also going to be launching custom foundation in the very near future, and are working like crazy so I can finally have the right colour for myself that also matches my skin tone and saves others from the embarrassment of having the wrong colour of foundation.


What is your favourite part about weddings?

Everything! Especially now that Christchurch Weddings are here to help make it so much easier and less stressful. I love events and weddings are my favourite! Just seeing everyone enjoying themselves, having fun and celebrating such an amazing thing is just the best!


Top three products in your makeup bag?

My top product is of course lipstick. Second would have to be make up wipes. They’re not always used for makeup - They come in handy for dog slobber! My third would be glasses cleaner! I use it all the time because for some reason I always touch the lenses and not the frames and I never learn from it.


Your favourite lippy of all time?

"Trap" by Colorpop was my favourite for years but I did find it dried so much on my lips. I think the first lipstick I ever made myself would be my favourite now. I just threw these pigments together and it actually worked for me some how before even reading the manuals and learning how to do it properly! I don't think I will ever have an absolute favourite when I see my staff creating some insanely cool colours every week! They come up with some amazing ones!


Who else is excited? I sure am! Welcome Hannah and Co, Christchurch Weddings is thrilled to have you on board!


Until next,

With love, Lucy_4 Grey.png